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Discovery Hub presentation during Semanticpedia day (program below), french subtitled in english.

Discovery Hub is a discovery engine which helps you to discover things you might like or be interested in. It widens your cultural and knowledge horizons by revealing and explaining unattended information. This video presents its main features.

Based on Wikipedia/DBpedia data, Discovery Hub is cross-domain and works on numerous topics including music, cinema, literature but also politics, automobile and much more. It allows performing queries in an innovative way and helps you to navigate rich results. As a hub, it proposes redirections to others platforms to make you benefit from your discoveries (Youtube, Deezer and more). 

Discovery Hub is powered by the RTSA algorithm developed by Nicolas MARIE, front-end and webdesign by Damien Legrand.

Visualization of the semantic spreading activation process over DBpedia

DBpedia 15% sample for purpose of analysis

Dear DBpedia users,

If you want to observe algorithms behavior on DBpedia graph, it can be interesting to run it on a representative subset to minimize computational cost. If you are interested in it here is some material for you:

Sampling method and results presented above is a representative node selection, it does not contain any arc.

Feel free to share and have fun !


Semantic spreading activation in multidimensional social networks

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Feb 9
Phd thesis blog launch !

Phd thesis blog launch !